Five places to visit in Kpalimé, one of the most touristic cities in Togo

Most tourists who have already set foot in Togo, do not miss the opportunity to visit Kpalimé, a city in the southwest of the West African country. What makes this city located about 120 km from the capital Lomé so attractive?

Kpalimé lies in the Plateaux region, surrounded by coffee and cocoa plantations. There are not only German buildings from 1913, but also many natural attractions such as mountains, waterfalls and forests, like the forest Missahoe known for its butterflies. Here are some key places to visit in Kpalime.


1-Le Mont Agou ( The Mountain Agou)

At 986 meters (3,234 ft.) Mt. Agou is not a huge mountain, but it is the highest in Togo and in the Atakora Moutains which range from Ghana to Benin.

 Mt. Agou is a monadnock, an isolated mountain that rises abruptly from relatively flat terrain. It is a beautiful, relatively short hike that is appropriate for anyone in reasonable condition.

"There are good views from the summit, but the highlight for me was the trail itself. It had a wonderful duality of natural beauty and cultural charm. I had trouble getting good information about this climb before doing it, so I thought I would write this review with the hope that it might make it easier for others to enjoy this adventure.", an American tourists stated about his visit in March 2019.

What is also interesting about Mont Agou is the fact that you can observe the mountain from several corners of the city without getting closer to it. From here, let's move to Missahohé Forest.

2- Forêt de Missahohé (Missahohé Forest)

Your journey is incomplete if you travel to Kpalimé without visiting the small village of Kouma-Konda. The place offers walks through the Missahohé Forest, famed for its huge variant of butterflies. 

The Missahoé Classified Forest is located at 5 km in northwest of Kpalimé, on the Kpalimé-Tomegbé road. It covers an area of ​​1485.84 ha. It runs along the southern slopes of the chain of Togo mountains.

3-La cascade de Yikpa or  Cascade d'Agumatsa 

From Gabi, the road continues in a valley through coffee and cocoa plantations and leads to the villages of Yikpa: Yikpa Dzigbé (Yikpa from above), Yikpa Anygbé (Yikpa from below) and Yikpa Dafo (" take another step"). These villages, on the Ghanaian border, offer waterfalls, including Agumatsa, one of the most spectacular in Togo

Yikpa has asserted itself in recent years as a must for lovers of nature and the picturesque. From the panoramic and sublime views offered by the Lilidji, Agumatsatodzi, toklevi mountains, ... to the double waterfall of more than 100 m high in the waters of the Agumatsa river.

Yikpa Falls (Upper Wli Falls) in Togo, is one of the highest waterfalls in West Africa.

4- La cascade de Kpimé ( Kpime Waterfalls)


Waterfall Kpime's beautiful landscape is more appreciated by tourists.

"The best thing is the rock formation that comes in all shape and form with greenery doing it's best to break out. A clean and peaceful area but be careful as some of the flat slates are slippery due to the splash or should I say dribble...", a visitor said in her review on Tripadvisor.

"Nice place to visit , beautiful, guides are very helpful. Go when the water is high, rainy season if you can, visit Hotel Cantonments in the mountains also if you can...", another tourist who recently visited the place said.

5- Château Viale

Château Viale is a chateau in the hills to the north of Kpalimé, not too far from Kouma-Konda. It was built by the French in the early 1940s and consists of a main building and a tower. Around 1979, the building is owned by the Togolese government and was being used for cabinet meetings.

In this article, we have listed some famous places when it comes to tourism to Kpalime. To enjoy and have a fantastic experience in your tour in this beautiful city of Togo, be sure to find good guides.