The Magazine LaTogolaiZ is a new online general interest publication that covers, Lifestyle, Culture, Food, Local Tourism, Business, and Sports. We refer to "contributor" as any person, journalist, freelancer, student, writer, artist, etc., who has written and published articles or any other form of contents at Here are the basic requirements to become a contributor:

  • All contributors must have a signed agreement with Magazine LaTogolaiZ
  • All contributions, articles or other content, are paid
  • Articles or content already submitted to other media are not accepted
  • Articles or content are checked for plagiarism before approval
  • Contributors are not allowed to get payment for advertisement; only the editorial staff handles agreements pertaining to promotional content.
  • Any proposed articles or content containing abusive language or attack on others will be promptly rejected.
  • Any proposed articles or content that infringes our Terms of Use in any way will be promptly rejected.

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