Innovation: Wali Kotosso the Togolese who manufactures cars

Togo may soon have major industrialists in the automotive field. Indeed, a young Togolese known as Wali Kotosso reinvents cars and other motor vehicles by using recycled materials.

His ambition for manufacturing led him to set up his first vehicle in 2001. He also has passion for American three-wheeled cars and later made one for himself.


The machine made with recycled materials pushes him to further develop his talent and to take an interest in tractors. For his creations, he uses both motorcycle and car engines.

 In case of difficulties in finding parts on the market, he does not hesitate to design them himself. Thus, he has already made gearboxes for cars that he has assembled with motorcycle engines.

 “As we have no factories, the parts that we can manufacture here, we produce them and the others, we recover them elsewhere before combining everything. It's just the engines and the tires that we're not doing yet,” he said recently in an interview with Togolese journalists.

In his shop in Adidogomé, in the western suburbs of Lomé, the capital of Togo, Wali Kotosso is trying to make a new part for a tractor that was given to him by a customer for repair. The parts of the machine being difficult to find on the market, he tries to develop an adaptation to make the tractor work again. Different machines are exhibited including cars bearing the first letters of his name, (KW).

An adventure started since 2001


 Born on June 05, 1983, in the prefecture of Tchamba, (Central region of Togo), Wali Kotosso has been practicing this profession since a young age with his father. From the start, the mechanic has always had the desire to produce vehicles himself. The dream was achieved in 2001.

“I need support to open a business,” Kotosso told our Magazine.

“When people come to see them, they find it difficult, but for me it is a gift”

Curious, he meticulously analyzes each piece to see how it works, in order to reproduce it with the tools at his disposal.

With his 4 apprentices currently, he wants to put his skills at the disposal of young Togolese.

  "I don't want to be the only beneficiary of my donation, I really want to share it with young people to contribute to the development of our country".

 His wish is to collaborate with other young people in the sector to pool efforts, in order to create together the latest generation machines. But in the meantime, Wali Kotosso continues to manufacture his machines, to the delight of customers.

 “In my activity, I noticed that it was not complicated to manufacture the machines. For me, it's all about putting the pieces together. I easily arrange the gears, which led me to make the vehicles myself. Everything is now easy for me, no matter the machine. When people come to see them, they find it difficult, but for me it is a gift”, the entrepreneur explains.