Who is Togo's multi-award winning artist Kaporal Wisdom ?

The Togolese slam artist Kounkey Ekue Hola Wisdom popularly known by his stage name Kaporal Wisdom, is a great music enthusiast, who seduces his fans with his poetic works in French and Ewe, in the form of music, a style commonly called "slam". In this article, we will portray the journey and the major initiatives of this young Togolese which have earned him several prizes and distinctions.

In an interview exclusively granted to Magazine LATOGOLAIZ, the Togolese artist Wisdom made revelations about his career, which has been crowned above all with success and commitment.

“It was a journey of fighters, crazy and also passionate. There were ups and downs moments of respite, pressure and depression...The main thing is that we knew how to stay the course, we knew how to keep our heads up”

Kaporal Wisdom was born to Togolese parents on May 21, 1988 in Goumon-Kopè in Togo. He is not only a slam artist, but also a cultural entrepreneur and TV host.

 A lover of art and music, a passion that has driven him since childhood. According to him, his first steps on the music scene were taken in 2004 as a breakdance dancer.

 With his dance group "Wu thang klan" formed at the time with his friends, he began a great dance adventure, going from competition to competition until 2007. He then disappeared from the scene.  

Awards after perseverance

According to the artist, there were times when he almost gave up on everything, since his works are not in the genre of ambient music. The artist says he wondered if it was still worth continuing. “Is what I do really followed, are my texts impactful?”

 “Sometimes you have the impression that no one is following you and that what you are doing is in a vacuum and that it affects no one. But when I see the feedback I have on some of my projects that I do, I say to myself, but there are still people who follow and like them. “, he said.

In 2009, Kaporal Wisdom signed his return to the music scene, pen and microphone in hand as a poet. He was able to establish himself in the field as a confirmed lyricist and won his first trophy in 2011 at the HOT JAM. Since then, his talent has earned him several awards in several areas in Togo and even in other African countries.

Moov summer 2011, lyricist messenger at the All Music Award & Colombe d'Or du clip patriote 2015, ODD Prize for the promotion of education 2018, Academy Awards in Ghana in 2018 are just a few events at which this talented artist has been awarded.

  And, it is therefore rightly that he has several times represented his country at prestigious festivals in countries such as Burkina Faso, Ghana and Benin.

Kaporal Wisdom's commitment to social development

In Togo, the DEMAIN IL FERA BEAU hitmaker is also known for his initiatives in several sectors, including Education, Health and Culture.

 Apart from the organization of Salad'art evenings, DEMAIN IL FERA BEAU festivals, Wisdom with Cultural Education and Social Association in Africa (ACES-Africa), of which he is the founder, organizes poetry competitions called Patriotic Slam Championship with, on civic themes often linked to the crises facing the West African country.

 Indeed, the artist misses no opportunity to serve his community. Following the announcement of the first terrorist attacks in northern Togo, Kaporal and ACES-Africa decided to multiply the voices against this scourge through the 4th edition of the Patriotic Slam Championship.

“When it is one of their own who gives them this message, they have more confidence, and they believe in themselves more. Because they know they live the same realities. They go through the same daily lives...We want to make these artists, spokespersons or ambassadors of citizenship, patriotism and civility in their respective communities…”, he told us.

 Should we ask if the author of the song “LETTRE À MA GÉNÉRATION”, meaning “letter to my generation” in French, had reacted when the famous infectious disease COVID-19 hit all countries in the world ? Yes! Kaporal Wisdom is one of the few Togolese artists to contribute in the fight against this pandemic by raising awareness in rural areas.

 Beyond all these achievements, Kaporal Wisdom is also emerging with a new clothing brand called ANYO, which we will detail in an imminent publication.